Школа в Нюборг, Дания

Nyborg Friskole is an independent school teaching children from pre-school to middle-school. The place for their courtyard is limited since the school is situated in the center of Nyborg. This limited space is still widely used by children in all age groups. Because of the limited space the playground had to be versatile as well as compact.

The school faced a challenge of inactive kids in the intermediate stage and felt that they needed to have a more including play area, with room for everybody.

In order to create a more inviting play area artificial grass was used on the entire area around the playground. Because of this, the ground does not become muddy after a rain and the kids enjoy using the entire area a hang-out place. On this particular playground the focus is on climbing, spinning, balancing and hang-out areas.

This combination creates both an interesting and comprehensive play area for children of all ages, and a teaching area for the pre-school and school pupils. This area provides opportunities for the teachers to be inspired and creative in their classes. It also encourages the children be active and be outside during breaks. The combination of BLOQX and the GALAXY structures creates a fun and challenging environment for all the children at the school. And the somersault stand is a big hit for the less active kids at the intermediate stage.

Игровой оазис для детей в центре города

Комбинация структур BLOQX и GALAXY создаёт весёлую, бросающую вызов, окружающую среду для детей.





“The playground is always filled with kids. Even in the weekends and evenings, our neighbors have told us that that playground is constantly used"

Brian Klarskov Hansen

Pedagogical leader

Школа в Нюборг

Фюн, Нюборг 5800, Дания